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Recycling Initiative

Lucille's jewellery recycling initiative offers customers the opportunity to recycle unworn or unwanted items of jewellery.  

Lucille London has teamed up with bullion refining professionals in London’s renowned Hatton Garden to provide jewellery recycling and refining services for solid gold jewellery items on an international scale.  

Depending on the weight of gold in the jewellery being recycled, the customer can choose from a number of options, outlined below.


Choose a piece of jewellery from Lucille London’s made-to-order collection which will be made using recycled metal.


Receive bullion in a different form, such as a gold bar, or an ingot, made using your recycled metal.


Receive a voucher for use in the Lucille London website store or to put towards a bespoke or custom design.


Donate your unwanted jewellery, scrap metal or precious stones.


20% of profit made from donated items will be donated to The Fairtrade Foundation. Remaining profit will be invested into Fairtrade metal, further supporting the Fairtrade Foundation and their miners.


Using recycled gold produces fewer emissions than mining and reduces water consumption.

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